Our RTP Basic PDUs are designed to be installed in telecommunications racks and provide power distribution for active equipment.

The Basic series is not equipped with power measurement or network access functions but does feature universal C13/C19 sockets with a maximum current of 16A.

The package also includes 4 options for mounting the unit in a rack and comes with a 3m connection cable with bulb IEC60309.

Basic PDUs

Network controller: no

Network monitoring: no

Environmental sensors: no

PDU cascading: no

Width: 55 mm

Depth: 55.4 mm

Length: depending on the number of sockets

Standard number of sockets: from 18 to 48 pcs

Rated input voltage: 1~230V or 3~380V

Maximum input load: 16A or 32A

Built-in surge protection: standard for 32A, optional for 16A

Color: RAL9004 (black), additional colors are available upon request

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