RTM monitoring system

The inbuilt RTM monitoring system features a plug-in module capable of measuring temperature and humidity; this also allows for up to two additional normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) connections and sensors through digital inputs. 

The following types of sensors are also available: 

  • leak sensor
  • smoke sensor
  • vibration sensor
  • rack access sensor
  • universal sensor (for external devices)

The RTM monitoring system is installed directly into the rack. Connection to the RTP series PDU is made through the corresponding controller connector, which allows users to sequentially connect up to eight monitoring blocks with a single PDU.

RTM monitoring system

Web interface of the monitoring system 

  • Auto-recognition of connected devices. 
  • Setting trigger thresholds. 
  • Enabling and disabling alarms. 
  • Individual alarm descriptions.

Parameter control and log recording are carried out through the PDU’s web interface. 

  • Direct connection to the PDU. 
  • Monitoring of physical parameters through a unified web interface and shared IP address. 
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor with threshold value settings. 
  • Two digital inputs for connecting additional sensors. 
  • Up to 8 blocks per PDU, with a total of up to 16 sensors. 
  • Selection of leak, smoke, access, and vandalism sensors. 
  • Connection of third-party normally open or normally closed sensors. 
  • Maintenance of a separate monitoring log. 
  • Email notification and SNMP traps.

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